HDPE Slingshots

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HDPE is a wonderful material for slingshots. it is strong and impact resistant, waterproof and easy to work. Below are slingshots that are available in HDPE. Note that the only the tip option available for HDPE slingshots is the Versa-Fork. Each HDPE slingshot is 30.00 USD and comes with a set of plugs for the Versa-Fork attachment and a bandset of your choice. Add an HDPE slingshot to your cart below.

The band choices are:
  • Target: Theraband Gold, single layer, tapered from 1" to 0.75"
  • Hunter: Theraband Gold, single layer, tapered from 1.25" to 1"
  • 1745 - Single
  • 1842 - Single

    GS-50, The Kestrel
    3" wide at the pinch, 2.25" between the forks. 

    GS-51, The Merlin
    Same as GS-50 but with a 2.75" width at the pinch and 2" width between the forks.

    GS-52, The Falcon
    5.6" tall, 1.9" between the forks and 2.75" wide at the pinch.

    GS-53, The Owl
    4.75" tall, 1.6" between the forks and 2.1" wide at the pinch.

    GS-55, The Hawk
    5.4" tall, 2.75" wide at the pinch.