After several years of making slingshots for sale, I have decided to enjoy things that make me happy. This means that I will be closing the doors of Gopher Slingshots. I will still be making slingshots for personal use, gifts, etc. you may even see something pop up on EBay every now and then. I will maintain this page, and plan on adding to it as a means to display vintage slingshots, new developments, band studies, etc. Think of it as an online virtual "living" book.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has helped me along the way and ordered slingshots from me. I hope that you are all still enjoying those slingshots and pass them down. I am still available for questions regarding slingshots, feel free to email me at gopherslingshots@gmail.com

Thank You, Dan Little

Thank you to The Survival Channel on YouTube for the slingshot review! Click Here.

Featured Slingshot

This months featured slingshot is a natural made from European Buckthorn. 

"How do you hold that thing?"
This is a common question when people see the Kestrel design. The truth is you hold it like any other "finger supported" style slingshot, it just so happens that there is no handle. Without a handle, you are free to position and shoot with total freedom. 


"Perfect Fork" Naturals
Sometimes nature takes care of things for us, offering a slingshot that has the perfect shape and symmetry. In these rare cases I think it is better to just leave them the way they are. Perfect Fork naturals have minimal work done on them, I only sand the fork tips, heel and where little knots or branches were removed. 

Thanks for taking a look, here are some things I've made.
GS-55 The Hawk, with matching knife, my Raptor design. Black Palm, Spalted Tamarind and Ash.

GS-50 Kestrel, Aluminum core with green G10 spacers and Wenge scales.

GS-43, multiplex and Bocote scales, the handle was lengthened by 1" on this one.

GS-37 "Classic" made from 21 different wood types.

GS-31 "Mighty Mite" made from Padauk and aluminum.

GS-31 "Mighty Mite" made from aluminum and printed circuit board.

Hybrid Natural made from a Silver Maple fork with Ash, Walnut and Purpleheart added.

GS-50 Kestrel, Aluminum core with red micarta scales, purpleheart and imitiation mother of pearl accents. 

GS-50 Kestrel, Aluminum core with Spalted Tamarind scales and Padauk/Ash accent.

GS-31 "Mighty Mite" from Spalted Tamarind, Padauk and Cocobolo. 

Back of the above slingshot.

GS-37 "Classic" made from Aluminum and Cocobolo

GS-37.618, Aluminum core with white G10 spacers, Black palm and imitation Mother of Pearl. 

GS-37, Aluminum core with spalted Tamarind scales. 

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