I am pleased to announce a new design to the stable. This design is an improved version of the GS-12 "Fly off the Handle" design. This is a handle free design for maximum portability in a small package, while maintaining a good grip. Introducing GS-50, "The Kestrel".

ANNOUNCEMENT: Beginning in 2014, all of the slingshots I sell with either be made from 3/4" high quality plywood or from a lamination of wood (your choice) and high quality plywood (or aluminum). An example of each can be seen below. The reason is simple, I strive to provide the best quality and longest lasting slingshots I can, this does not mean that there is anything wrong with solid wood slingshots I have sold in the past. If a solid wood slingshot is well taken care of, especially avoiding fork hits, it will last and last. However, since I am not in control of fork hits, I felt the need to protect you and me, and including an engineered board such as a high quality plywood is the perfect balance, and laminating with other woods still gives the option to customize your slingshot and "make it yours". Thank you, Dan. 

Above slingshots are the GS-25 model, Itty Bitty
The slingshot on the left has Black Walnut scales.

INTRODUCING: "Perfect Fork" naturals
Sometimes nature takes care of things for us, offering a slingshot that has the perfect shape and symmetry. In these rare cases I think it is better to just leave them the way they are. Perfect Fork naturals have minimal work done on them, I only sand the fork tips, heel and where little knots or branches were removed. Perfect fork naturals are soaked in linseed oil to finish them. 

Welcome to the website of Daniel Little Traditional Archery and Gopher Slingshots. 

This website combines two of my passions...traditional archery and slingshots. I began making and selling traditional archery equipment a few years ago online and at traditional archery events. Soon the slingshot bug got me and I began to develop my own designs. For the last year or so I have refined my designs and started to sell them. The response has been great.

If you've bought a slingshot from me and are happy with it or just like the way they look, I would love for you to help spread the word by "liking me" on Facebook or visiting me on  Google+.

If you come from the slingshot world feel free to ask me questions about archery and bow building, and vice versa, they are both too much fun to not participate in both!

My contact information is on the Purchasing page. Thank you for stopping by to take a look, 

Sincerely, Dan Little

Thanks for taking a look, here are some things i've made.
GS-43, multiplex and Bocote scales, the handle was lengthened by 1" on this one.

GS-37 "Classic" made from 21 different wood types.

GS-31 "Mighty Mite" made from Padauk and aluminum.

GS-31 "Mighty Mite" made from aluminum and printed circuit board.

Osage longbow, 45# @ 27"

Hybrid Natural made from a Silver Maple fork with Ash, Walnut and Purpleheart added.

GS-20 made from multiplex.

GS-31 "Mighty Mite" from Spalted Tamarind, Padauk and Cocobolo. 

Back of the above slingshot.

GS-37 "Classic" made from Aluminum and Cocobolo

GS-37.618, Aluminum core with white G10 spacers, Black palm and imitation Mother of Pearl. 

GS-37, Aluminum core with spalted Tamarind scales. 

GS-31, multiplex with a multiplex palm swell.